movie night: “Emergency Broadcast”

movie-8-26You bring your meat; Our grillmaster, Sparky, will give you heat! Side Dishes provided! Our projectionist, Timothy Whaley, will present an evening of Classic TV Series, Variety, Game shows & more! Episodes of “Gunsmoke” with Bette Davis; “The Virginian” with Joan Crawford and a host of all-time greats. There’ll be favorite Carol Burnett episodes and the feature-length version of the timeless BBC comedy, “Are You Being Served?” Plus, an eerie episode from the rarely seen Boris Karloff series, “Thriller.” C’mon down to Club D and do it up Old School!

this weekend at club d:

friday, 8/22, 9:30pm: kevinpatricksweeneyband



saturday, 8/23, 9:30pm: debe’ and bobby



the rest of august:

friday, 8/29, 9:30pm: tim o’connor

saturday, 8/30, 9:30pm: ukelele cowboy society

dinner & a movie: “laughter & fears”

movie-8-19You bring your meat; Our grillmaster, Sparky, will give you heat! Salad & Side Dishes provided!:

Terror Firmer (Lloyd Kaufman, 1999 ) 4:00pm
Vampire Party (Cafiero / Lobelle, 2008) 605pm
The Lost Skeleton of Cadavra (Larry Blamire, 2001) 7:30pm
* MST3K: Ring of Terror (Hodgson, ’90 / Paylow, ’62) 9:00pm
* The Last Lovecraft: Relic of Cthulhu (Henry Saine, 2009) 10:40pm

* The final two features will be shown outdoors, “Drive-in style,” under the stars, on our BIG SCREEN backyard patio, courtesy of our in-house projectionist, Mr.Timothy Whaley. (weather permitting)