this weekend at club d:

friday, 4/25, 9:30pm: james blackmon


James is back at the piano this weekend…..join us!!


saturday, 4/26, 9:30pm: ukelele cowboy society



monday, 4/28:  Sing Out Louise!

sol-10Sing Out Louise! celebrates a decade of Monday night belting, cocktails, and shenanigans this month! A huge thanks to Club Diversity who have allowed us this spot for so long, and have been so supportive, and to all the people who have shown up month after month for a decade now! I look forward to seeing you all there! Wendy Foster will be at the piano!

movie night 4-22: Brainwreck

This week’s guest programmers, Craig & Timothy present an evening filled with grey matter:
Creature With The Atom Brain (1955) 4:00pm
Donovan’s Brain (1953) 5:10pm
Atomic Brain (1963) 6:30pm
The Brain from Planet Arous (1957) 7:35pm
The Brain That Wouldn’t Die (1959) 8:45pm
The Brain Eaters (1958) 10:05pm
They Saved Hitler’s Brain (1963) 11:05pm