movies: Private Lives

Join us for an evening of film, stuffed with opulence and Hollywood hokum, all directed by Alexander Korda. PLUS: From 6-8pm, bring in some veggies or meat and our grillmaster, Sparky, will heat you up a treat!
“The Rise of Catherine the Great” (1933) 4:00pm
“The Private Life of Henry VIII” (1933) 5:35 pm
“That Hamilton Woman” (1941) 7:10pm
“The Private Life of Don Juan” (1934) 9:15pm
“Rembrandt” (1936) 10:45pm


movies: cinco de mayo

Join us for the return of Sparky and her amazing grilling skills, PLUS a night of FREE Grilled Tacos – steak, vegetarian & chicken – add grilled fresh veggies and we’ll whip up some wonderful chips & salsa to enjoy, throw in some pitchers of Margaritas or Corona beer buckets to accompany some “Cine Fabuloso”, all lovingly filmed South of the Border!
“Sombrero” (Norman Foster, 1953) 4:00pm
“Vera Cruz” (Robert Aldrich, 1954) 5:40pm
“Across the Bridge” (Ken Annakin, 1957) 7:15pm
“The Brave One” (Irving Rapper, 1953) 8:55pm
“Cronos” (Guillermo del Toro, 1993) 10:35pm