movie night: insomnia theater

An evening of FREE PIZZA and late night films, from the days before cable, that turned out to be interesting to watch:
The Barbarians (Ferroccio Cerio, 1953) 4:00pm
The Lost Patrol (John Ford, 1934) 5:25pm
The Intruder (Roger Corman, 1962) 6:40pm
Night Editor (Henry Levin, 1946) 8:00pm
Rimfire (B. Reeves Eason, 1949) 9:10pm
The Queen of Sheba (Pietro Francisci, 1952) 10:15pm


movies: Attack of the Guest Stars

Bring down your meat and our resident grillmaster, Sparky, will cook it to order. Side Dishes provided! Beginning at 4:00pm, our good friend and projectionist, Mr. Timothy Whaley, will present an evening of appearances by famous movie stars and recording artists on classic Prime Time TV!
Stars include: John Davidson; Bette Davis; Joan Crawford; Ann-Margret; Michael Jackson; Liz Taylor & Richard Burton; Sammy Davis Jr.; Agnes Moorehead; Julie London; Peter Lorre, Boris Karloff & Lon Chaney Jr.; Roy Rogers; and Talullah Bankhead.
…It’s gonna be a night of HIGH CAMP & KITSCH!