movies: the dead of winter

An evening of FREE PIZZA and snow-filled HORROR!:
“The Thing” (Matthijs van Heijningen Jr., 2011) 4:00pm
“Ice Spiders” (Tibor Takács, 2007) 5:40pm
“Blood Glacier” (Marvin Kren, 2013) 7:10pm
“Frozen” (Adam Green, 2010) 8:50pm
“Let Me In” (Matt Reeves, 2010) 10:25pm


movie night: British Mystery-Thrillers

An evening of FREE PIZZA and a great collection of British Mystery/Thrillers:
“The Third Man” (Carol Reed, 1949) 4:20pm
“Gaslight” (Thorold Dickinson, 1940) 6:05pm
“Never Take Candy from a Stranger” (Cyril Frankel, 1960) 7:35pm
“The Queen of Spades” (Thorold Dickinson, 1949) 8:55pm
“The Innocents” (Jack Clayton, 1961) 10:30pm


pizza & a movie: “spotlight on Louise Rainer”

An evening of FREE PIZZA and a Classic Hollywood film tribute to two-time Academy Award-winning Best Actress Luise Rainer, who just passed away at age 104 years-old.
“The Good Earth” (Sidney Franklin, 1937) 4:20pm
“The Emperor’s Candlesticks” (George Fitzmaurice, 1937) 6:40pm
“Big City” (Frank Borzage,1937) 8:20pm
“Combat!: Finest Hour” (Sutton Roley, 1965) 9:40pm
“The Gambler” (Károly Makk, 1997) 10:25