this weekend:

fri, jan 18th, 9:30pm:  louise salvador



Should you be fortunate enough to experience Louise in action on stage, you will receive a rare treat. Her “in charge”, yet not overbearing, manner allows the listener to relax in a setting whereby her voice will soothe you during one song and grasp you with excitement the next. In a word, Louise has “style”. The matter-of-fact way she moves from corner to corner of the stage leaves her audience members feeling like they have known Louise all their lives. Louise has a way of taking a song and making it her own, taking possession of its message and meaning and giving it new life. She has a sense of delivery whereby, if one were to have heard a song before, it would take on freshness and ease because of the life she breathes into it. Her love for music, together with the way she smiles and loves her audience, bring a live atmosphere to any room in which she performs.



sat, jan 19th, 9:30pm:  ukelele cowboy society





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