About Club Diversity

Club Diversity was purchased in 2001 while it was situated on East Main St. in Columbus. Because they wanted to expand the space and offer clients a freestanding building and outside patio space, its present location, 863 S. High St. was purchased in October, 2002.

The High St structure was built in about 1880 for one of the brew masters of that era in what is known as the Brewery District. It was divided into a five-family building somewhere mid-century……and was converted it to its present use as Club Diversity in 2002-3. The interior includes the structure of the original rooms, giving the feeling of having a party in someone’s living room. The rear patio includes 4 large gazebos which also lend a cozy feel to the outside. Smaller renovations continue, which will hopefully include exterior cosmetics and additional patio seating this summer.

Club Diversity has become known as the best Martini and Piano bar in Columbus! Proud to attract diverse musicians nationwide, performing styles range from indie contemporary to classic jazz…and just about everything in-between. We are host to musicians that have “been here from the beginning” and newbies that are just getting started in the music industry.

Our clients are a diverse and eclectic mix. They range in age from 25 to 80+….lifestyle preferences include all of the GLBT community and friendly straights. We love the fact that absolutely anyone can come through the doors of this club and feel welcomed.